• Festival Singer-Polignac #3

  • Quatuor Akilone

  • L'Histoire du Soldat - Le Balcon

  • Flaubert en images

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  • Les Fleurs du Paradis - Girard Quartet

    In April 2021, the Girard Quartet and pianist Sébastian Ené played for the first time the quintet Les Fleurs du Paradis, written by Matthieu Stefanelli as a tribute to Notre-Dame Read More
  • Nocturne by La Tempête

    The new CD of La Tempête, Nocturne (Alpha Classics), is the result of an encounter and an adventure of many years between the choir and the Byzantine singer Adrian Sirbu. Read More
  • Les Fables de la Fontaine by La Chapelle Harmonique

    The program of La Chapelle Harmonique dedicated to The Fables of La Fontaine, was recorded by B Records during its 2021 concert on the stage of L'Estran at Guidel, France. Now available, Read More
  • Bach-Abel Society

    Both Les Ombres artistic directors, Margaux Blanchard and Sylvain Sartre, invite some members of Le Consort on their new disc: violinist Théotime Langlois de Swarte, cellist Hanna Salzenstein and pianofortist Read More
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Singer-Polignac Medals 2021

On June 30th 2021, the board of governors has attributed medals to four laureates:

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