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Les Cris de Paris have been appointed Associate Artists of the Fondation Singer-Polignac in 2012.

The ensemble Les Cris de Paris was founded by Geoffroy Jourdain in 1999. The ensemble interprets vocal and instrumental music from the beginning of the XVIth century to our day.

Curious and passionate, the members of the ensemble, who are between four and eighty, rehearse in the Royaumont Abbaye or the Fondation Singer-Polignac's mansion. They are particularly keen on contemporary music.

The artistic project of les Cris de Paris reflects the diversity of backgrounds of its performers : singers, composers, actors, conductors, teachers... who wish to combine their energies to share new musical experiences.

Les Cris de Paris won the Audi Talents Awards in 2008.

Les Cris de Paris’ curiosity leads the ensemble to break the traditional boundaries between the so-called popular and art music. Indeed the production in 2008 of the show LA LA LA – Opéra en Chansons (« An opera made out of songs ») staged by Benjamin Lazar and recorded by Alpha (with the title Encores) explores the multifaceted universe of songs. Similarly, in 2011 the interactive and musical comedy Karaoké was designed to take place in cafés, restaurants, or any place that could be converted into a cabaret. Another example of this - in 2012 - is Babebibobu, a project created for a family audience with onomatopoeias and vocal music, without lyrics.

Les Cris de Paris frequently set up « mixed » programmes, with pieces from different times, places and even pieces of different kinds. This open-mindedness is to be found also in the numerous collaborations with Le Poème Harmonique, l’Orchestre Les Siècles, Les Paladins, l’Ensemble Recherche, l’Ensemble 2e2m or l’Ensemble Intercontemporain ; and with some artists, among whom the stage director and actor Benjamin Lazar, the movie maker and visual artist Clément Cogitore, the singer Thomas Fersen, etc.

Les Cris de Paris have a strong desire to encourage teenagers to focus their attention on their sound environment and to introduce them to contemporary music. In order to do so, the ensemble has developed a partnership with schools. Since 2009 more than 10 schools and 500 children have been benefiting from the Identity and Sound Environment program that was put together with Arte Radio and the IRCAM.




Choir and orchestra version with period instruments

Aparté, October 2012



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